Knightsbridge Research Process

Knightsbridge has a dedicated team of 5 experienced analysts providing timely analysis on stocks, investment strategy, multi-asset strategy, economics, international and domestic financial markets. Our team has a proven track record of successfully managing funds, with experience gained at firms such as Aberdeen Asset Management, Morgan Stanley Investment Bank, RBC Capital Markets, Fidelity International and private Family Office (Ultra High Net Worth).

Given our belief that strong underlying fundamentals tend to drive stock prices over the long run, we follow a bottom up, fundamental investment process encompassing a direct company visitation program.

With a strict focus on financial analysis and quality assessment (e.g. quality of management, transparency), in our view, the effective way of protecting downside risk is to know each company you invest in.

Our investment universe largely consists of ASX300 stocks; however, we can and do invest outside the ASX300 if we have a high level of conviction in our research.

Our research agenda drives investment ideas for our portfolios and we currently have approximately 150 stocks under coverage (that is, stocks covered with reports).

Outside this coverage list, the team is constantly running models to screen for investment ideas. Our team is well resourced with 4 analysts, who look after a range of sectors and periodically rotate their sector coverage to ensure a fresh set of eyes are looking at the sector and underlying investments.

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External Research

One of the main benefits of Knightsbridge is its business model, which means that its research, investment strategies and decision making processes are not constrained by in-house views.

Importantly, all research written or obtained by Knightsbridge is independent at arm’s length.

Knightsbridge has adopted a best of breed approach when it comes to external research providers; information is sourced from multiple institutions in order to diversify the research base and expand coverage. As a client of Knightsbridge, our clients have access to large amounts of institutional research from varying investment banks and brokerage firms.

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