Specialising in Multi-Asset Investment Solutions

Knightsbridge Wealth Management Pty Ltd is a South Australian based specialist portfolio manager, catering for a focused client base of Professional and Wholesale investors.

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Our Services

The Knightsbridge service offering ranges from high level, actively managed investment strategies to extensive portfolio modelling and reporting, which is specifically tailored to suit each clients financial requirements.

Asset Allocation

We believe that the asset allocation decision is likely to be the predominant driver of the variation in an investor’s long-term returns. Our in-house research and investment strategies aim to generate consistent, absolute risk-adjusted rates of returns over a full market cycle.

Risk Management

We define risk as the permanent dilution of capital, not volatility.

The Knightsbridge research process assists in managing risk and helps to direct the investment selection within the SAA.


Knightsbridge has extensive experience in the philanthropic sector, currently providing multi-asset investment services to several high profile charitable organisations.

Areas where we assist

Knightsbridge is committed to ESG investing

We believe that Ethical and Socially Responsible Investment is an important tool for global change via the reallocation of capital to companies and industries that are acting in the best interests of the world.

Proudly partnered with
RIAA & Philanthropy Australia

Our Team

Nicholas Ross
Managing Director

Nicholas is a founding partner of Knightsbridge Wealth Management and serves as Managing Director.

Thomas Lambert
Executive Director

Thomas is a founding partner of Knightsbridge Wealth Management and serves as Executive Director.

Catherine Adam
Adviser Assistant

Catherine serves as Adviser Assistant assisting in client administration, reporting and back office functions.

About Us

Knightsbridge was founded in 2012 to provide tailored multi-asset investment solutions to Professional and Wholesale investors.  

The firm specialises in strategies that are style agnostic and actively diversified across multiple assets classes to take advantage of economic and market conditions over a full investment cycle.

Our core investment philosophy is based around our clients’ fundamental needs, with a strong focus on asset allocation, stringent risk management and capital preservation, as opposed to general stock or product selection to construct portfolios.

As at March 2022, Knightsbridge has Funds Under Management and Advice of $500 million.

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